VISONIC S.A. Pque. Empresarial “La Carpetania”. N.IV-Km. 13. C/ Miguel Faraday, 6 28906 Getafe (Madrid)
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As a result of the diversity of companies with which we collaborate and to which we provide service, we seek solutions to adapt to the needs raised by our customers. 

A su vez ofrece sus servicios de gestión integral colaborando con grandes superficies como:
Aldi | Batch PC | Boulanger | Carrefour | El Corte Inglés | MAKRO | Media Markt | Saturn | Miró | Alcampo | Worten | Toys “R” Us | Urende


Visonic has in its facilities the latest technological advances with the aim of offering its customers maximum satisfaction in the resolution of all technical interventions carried out with high KPIS ratio such as FTF (First Time Fix) and reduced TAT (Turn Around Time ).

We have updated EPA equipment, utilities, and highly qualified personnel for each of the sectors.

Performing of services On Site and in Depot (Laboratory), technical repairs at levels 1, 2, 3, repairs with BGA welding, refurbishing, swap and DOA (Dead On Arrival) checks, among others.


Our Call Center staff has experience in the area of ​​telephone assistance and extensive knowledge of technical and personalized resolution with high response capacity, providing assistance in different languages ​​with the aim of offering our customers and OEMs a telephone assistance service. quality. Incident management through its own applications and international contact platforms and direct management with manufacturers.

Visonic has its facilities, technical means and highly qualified personnel for all those clients / companies that request the provision of this service.  Equipped with a state-of-the-art server, we offer our clients the preparation of all types of attention and resolution reports, statistical data by type of product, calls for geographical coverage, assessment of incidents, among others, offering companies with all the needed exact information, even in real time.

From our Call Center department it manages, among other functions:

  • Troubleshooting
  • Technical queries / procedures
  • Technical advice and personalized help desk
  • Logistics Follow-up
  • Continuous product updates…


Visonic has an important deployment and logistics traceability in delivery service and collection in stores / private homes within 24 hours from any point in the peninsula, with an exclusive care and monitoring management.

We manage the registration and control of all shipments, resolution of incidents, information to customers point to point, both nationally and internationally (according to requested geographical coverage ), quality control of equipment out from our facilities, etc. We also offer services of centralized reverse logistics, swap service, roll-out, among others.

Visonic works directly with all large shopping areas nationwide (El Corte Ingles, Worten, Media Markt, Alcampo, among others), with online points of sale, and with other important shopping centers distributed throughout the geographical coverage area requested by our clients. Therefore, it has an exclusive RMA Department from which personalized attention is provided to all purchase centers, authorization of shipments to the SVC, resolution of queries, among others.


Our warehouse has more than 1700m2 of stockage area, with exclusive areas and delimited individually for each of our customers.We have security controls for access and delimited area for the storage of components and electronic spare parts.

Electrostatic installation equipment with the proper handling and storage of each spare part to ensure its correct operation in technical interventions.

Visonic has systems automation and stock management, with the possibility of providing our customers real-time inventory reports upon request.


Visonic has an IT / R & D department from where updates and projects are developed according to the needs of our customers. Management of new programs and application projects with national and international coverage. Development of systems, platforms and applications that meet the requirements of our customers according to the type of product and its management.

Visonic trains and updates its staff for all areas depending on the type of service and product range.

  • Training on the job
  • Coaching
  • Project Management
  • Customer Service





Visonic: Areas of specialization


  • Mobile telephony and communication equipment
  • Tablets
  • GPS


  • Laptop
  • Phablets
  • AIO's (All in One)
  • TV Box
  • Ebooks


  • TV
  • Monitors
  • DVD

Being able to also provide service to other lines of different products depending on the needs of our customers.