VISONIC S.A. Pque. Empresarial “La Carpetania”. N.IV-Km. 13. C/ Miguel Faraday, 6 28906 Getafe (Madrid)
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Our computer equipment repair service offers excellence in quality and service working in parallel with new technologies.

Our technical service has the most advanced diagnostic tools even for the most modern components in the computer market.

We offer a guarantee in services and repairs based on the requirements of our customers and protected by the official certification of Lenovo and Medion brands.

Only original components are used for each repair. In this way we offer an additional quality in our repairs.

We have an advanced structure in terms of testing mechanisms and final verifications in order to offer an excellent repair service.

Our range of computer services includes ebooks, ultrabooks, chromebooks, laptops, desktop computers and special equipment for portable and desktop gamers and mini – micro pc and AIO (All In One) computers, Android and Microsoft devices.